Welcome to Hudson

We are an industrial and commercial grade LCD monitor designer, developer, and manufacturer based in Westchester, New York since 2005. Hudson monitors are engineered with exceptional quality and high customization.

We specialize in a number of industrial sectors including medical, security, touch, and outdoor display applications.

Healthcare / Industrial

Multi-Modal Monitors
Healthcare & Industrial Markets

Our LCD monitors are the perfect upgrade to keeping your analog systems. We design our monitors to interface with the video signals of current and legacy modality systems. Hudson can re-programmed monitors with analog video timings for medical, industrial, and other applications. And more are being added all the time. We will work with you to determine your systems specific needs.

Security / Prevention

CCTV / Touch Screens
Security Markets

Hudson Video offers a full line of standard security and touch screen monitors as well as custom solutions for security and loss prevention in retail, residential, and industrial environments. For more information, please visit our partner site for DRW CCTV Display Solutions.


Technical Expertise

Hudson provides opportunities for co-development, customization and prototyping. Hudson has helped companies around the country bring advanced concepts to reality. Learn more.